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Having Root Problems?

Root problems can be very annoying and expensive to fix. Fortunately, root problems can be controlled through the use of either Roebic K-77 Root Killer or Roebic Foaming Root Killer (FRK). You will need to choose the one that is right for your particular situation. Both of these products kill invading roots, but they will not "burn or "corrode" the roots out of the system. After the root is killed, it will begin to degrade via microbial action in this bacterial rich environment. It is this action of root degradation which will "clear" your system.
In Septic Systems - If you have either a septic tank and a drain field, or a cesspool and a seepage pit, and you are experiencing root problems; then you should try Roebic.

Roebic Foaming Root Killer (FRK):

This unique root killer, which does not contain copper sulfate, foams on contact with water for superb results. This product also contains ingredients that help speed up the decay process of the roots that it kills. This enables you to experience fast relief from your root problems. (It should take Foaming Root Killer, from 2 days to 1 week to clear your line) Your system must have some flow in order for the Foaming Root Killer to work properly. If the Foaming Root Killer cannot get to the roots, it cannot kill them. Foaming Root Killer is the product of choice in southern, semi-tropical areas including, Florida, the Gulf States, desert Southwest, and Southern California.

Other Areas:

To prevent root growth from pushing up and damaging paved structures, cut a 3" or deeper edging along the structure and pour Roebic Foaming Root Killer into the thin strip. Repeat annually to prevent root growth near the surface along sidewalks and driveways.

IN BETWEEN ROOTS AND SEWER LINES: To prevent long term root growth from the tree to the sewer lines, a series of small holes may be bored into the ground near the offending tree or outside the sewer joints using water or mechanical boring equipment. Add Roebic Foaming Root Killer to the holes and fill with soil. Be sure that the location and depth of the hole is directly between the offending tree and sewer line.

If used regularly both K-77 Root Killer and Foaming Root Killer will work to maintain a "root-free" system and help to avoid the inconveniences that result from root clogs such as back-ups and surface break outs.

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